Diagnostic Assessment for Children and Adults

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Age range
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Evaluation Description

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Andrew J. Kirch Developmental Services Center-Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong(585) 275-2986Accepts patients 18 and under.Parent or guardian calls to register.  At this time the office will mail out a packet of paperwork.  There are forms for the parent/guardian, school and pediatrician to complete.  Once the office receives the completed forms, they will set up a phone interview with the parent/guardian.  After the phone interview is finished an appointment for the evaluation is scheduled.Appointment is scheduled approximately 2-3 months after completion of phone interview.Accepts most major insurances including Medicaid
Box 671, 601 Elmwood Ave.https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/childrens-hospital/developmental-disabilities/services/kirch/center-services
Rochester, NY 14642 
Aspire Behavioral Health Solutions(315)732-3431Provides evaluations (neurological and psychological) for Children, Adolescents and Adults1st step is to complete the intake form on line.  
Utica Location:  
122 Business Park Dr.  
Utica, NY 13502  
Syracuse Location:  
1065 James St  
Syracuse, NY 13203  
Dr. James Bercovitz(607)436-9159Seeing children ages 6-18Completes in depth Neuropsychological evaluations Accepts most insurances but not all insurances cover these types of evaluations.
189 Main St
Oneonta, NY 13820
Campbell House Psychological Associates.(518) 346-0762 Evaluations are conducted by a psychologist over a series of visits: Only accepts CDPHP for diagnostic assessments.
Dr. Gina Cosgrove & Dr. Frank Salamonewww.cambellhousepsych.com-Intake appointment with parent/guardian (60 minutes)
101 State Street -Appointment for testing (1 or more depending on needs of the client-for toddlers and younger children parents remain in the room, for older children is 1:1 with doctor).
Schenectady, NY 12305 -School observation is arranged.
  -After formal testing and observation feedback session is scheduled.
Capital Care Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics(518)782-7733Seeing children of all ages.Focus on children who may have a developmental or neurologic problem.Younger children (0-6)-1 year waiting listAccepts most insurances including Medicaid
7-B Johnson Rd.www.dpeds.com -Evaluate infants with slow motor development(cancelation list to get people in sooner)
Crossroads Center Plaza -Toddlers with delayed speech, communication problems or autistic symptomsOlder children-4 month waiting list
Latham, NY 12110 -Preschoolers and Kindergarteners with learning difficultiesNeurologist-1 to 2 week waiting list
Center for Development, Behavior and Genetics(315)464-4842Currently accepting new patients five and under only.New patient scheduling sends out a packet to the family to be completed and returned before appointment is scheduled.6 months 
Dr. Louis Pellegrino
725 Irving Ave, Suite 112
Syracuse, NY 13210
Center for Disability Services, Behavioral Health(518)437-5732Serves ages 5 and olderChild’s school must complete IQ testing prior to evaluation6-8 months 
Dr. Steve Marcalwww.cfdnys.org
Dr. MaryAnne Yates 
314 South Manning Blvd. 
Albany, NY 12208 
Center for Spectrum Services(845)336-2616 Diagnostic evaluation consists of several sessions: Does not accept 3rd party payments but will do what they can to help you get reimbursed by your insurance provider.
Dr. Adriane Maierwww.centerforspectrumservices.org-Interview parent/guardian 
70 Kukuk Lane -Formal testing of childCost for diagnostic evaluation-$2200.00
Kingston, NY 12401 -Observation in school setting 
  Will confirm or rule out Autism, does not diagnose other developmental disabilities. 
  Developmental evaluation: 
  -For children 18 months-5 years 
  -Determines eligibility for CPSE but does not give a diagnosis 
Center for Psychological Services(607)785-4156Sees children of all agesCan evaluate and diagnose all developmental disabilities, Dr. Lockshin specializes in Spectrum Disorders.  
Dr. Stephanie B. Lockshin
Dr. Mark Kovaleski
3 Tioga Blvd, Suite 5
Apalachin, NY 13732
Four Corners Assessment & Counseling, LLC607-205-1394All ages, expertise with childrenGeneral psychological services.  
231 Main St
Vestal, NY 13850
Dr. Sheri Esteban-Elie
Institute for Child Development607-777-2829Typically only do evaluations for preschool children at risk for autism or children in the Early Intervention program (under 3).  Do evaluations for some school age children on a very limited basis depending on their resources at the time.Children who are evaluated must be referred by the school district (for preschool age children) or county (for children in EI) that the child resides in. Evaluations are billed through the school district (for preschool age children) or county (for children in EI).
4400 Vestal Parkway Easthttp://icd.binghamton.edu/ICDServices
Vestal, NY 13850 
The Kelberman Center(315)797-6241 Only evaluates children who are at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders but can give diagnosis if determined to be something else. Requires referral documentation from child’s physician before adding individual to the waiting list. Accepts most insurances and Medicaid
2608 Genesee Streetwww.kelbermancenter.org 
Utica, NY 13502 
 FAX – 315-749-7054
MLW Developmental Evaluation Center(315)472-4404Evaluating children birth to seven.DEC provides services to children at risk for all developmental disabilities, with a particular expertise in serving children with Autism Accepts most insurances and Medicaid
215 Bassett St.www.developmentalevalutationcenter.com 
Syracuse, NY 13210 Evaluation process includes:
  -Careful review of child’s birth, medical and educational records
  -Interviews with parents, educators, caregivers and other providers
  -Comprehensive assessment using standardized and non-standardized testing measures
Neurodevelopmental Health ServicesPhone: (315) 507-7150 Developmental evaluation, neurodevelopmental evaluation, psychological evaluations and neuropsychological evaluations. Fee for service.
110 Lomond Courthttp://cnyneuro.org/
Utica, NY 13502Fax: (315) 732-1059
Oakdale Psychology Associates(607)754-1101Evaluating Children of all ages and will do rescreening for young adults.Dr. Sheri Esteban-Elie mainly does diagnostic evaluations for children at risk for Autism.  Dr. Lanora Duell does evaluations for Autism as well as other educational evaluations.Currently scheduling appointments 6 months out.Dr. Duell may be able to begin accepting Medicaid in the near future.  Most providers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Monroe Plan, and Medicare.
423 E Main Street, Suite3www.oakdalepsychology.com
Endicott, NY 13760 
Upstate University HospitalGolisano Center for Special NeedsInstitute for Child DevelopmentRacker Centers  
Physicians’ Office BuildingMadison-Irving Medical CenterThe Research Foundation for SUNY Binghamton Children’s Unit for Treatment and Evaluation3226 Wilkins Road,  
Suite 112, 725 Irving Ave475 Irving AvenuePO Box 6000Ithaca, New York 14850  
Syracuse, NY 13210Syracuse, NY 13210Binghamton, NY 13902-6000(607) 272-5891  
(315) 464-6395(315) 464-3555(607) 777-2829          Website: https://www.racker.org/  
          Website://www.upstate.edu/healthcare/providers/location.php?clinicID=859          Website: https://www.upstate.edu/specialneeds/index.php          Website: https://www.icd.binghamton.eduCenter for Development, Behavior and Genetics  
Saratoga Psychological Associates(518)587-0499All agesMost evaluations involve multiple sessions depending on what is needed.  An extended session can be arranged if the client can handle it in order to save travel time and expenses. All insurances accepted except (straight) Medicaid and MVP.  Additional fees may apply for a written comprehensive report which is not covered by most insurances.
1 West Ave, Suite 205www.saratogapsych.com
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 
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